Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Mise-en-Scene Blog


Our production takes place within the college of Long Road, this includes the woods surrounding the college and an office block within the college. We chose this as our location because the woods seemed appropriate for a thriller project. The office block is used because our sub genre is a political thriller and thus it to would be appropriate.
We are shooting our opening sequence within the college grounds because it is easy access and suitable for our project.


During our opening sequence we will use props to visually portray objects that the characters are using. We will use; A mobile phone and a office phone, office equipment to make the office seem genuine.


For our production we will need good use of costume to portray the characters individual personalities. For example the young girl is wearing a green coat with a big hood and the other two characters are wearing smart, professional clothing because they are part of the government as this is a political thriller.


We will use natural restricted lighting in the forest areas, because we need a dark mood to the scene therefore we will use a darker part of the forest. In the office it will be artificial lighting that is lighter than the forest but not too bright (giving an impression of mystery) we are doing this because it fits in with the thriller conventions.

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