Wednesday, 16 February 2011

What We Learnt From Amar

Amar came and talked us through a presentation that divulged into the stages of preparing for a film shoot. His presentation was very insightful and has helped us prepare for our own shoot.

Script: Amar talked about the need for a script so we know what is happening in the scene. As a group we constructed a script to guide us and know the exact dialogue and action that is needed in our scene.

Setting The Scene: Amar suggested to us that we do a walk-through of our location as this would help us to get used to our area and identify any scripting problems. We chose not to do this though as we are filming in college premises and we are already widely familiar with its surroundings.

Location Recce: This is another of Amar's processes that we adopted. A location recce is an in-depth process that is similar to "setting the scene" though in a location recce the area is explored in more detail. this includes potential hazards, activity in the area, ambient sounds, lighting and any other potential things that could create flaws in our project. When we did ours we were careful to note all potential problems and how to overcome them.

Digital Storyboard: We also adopted this stage from Amar's planning also. This helps us to visualise what our final product will look like combines with the location recce.

Shot List: We also constructed a shot list, though it wasn't as detailed as Amar suggested. We didn't feel the need to create a fully detailed shot list, just something simple so we could combine it with our storyboard and keep track of what we need to do.

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