Thursday, 17 March 2011

Peer Feedback of Final Product.

1) The group liked our use of close ups which added a sense of intrigue to our production. Also the shots through the tree's concealing Subject 16's identity was liked.

2) Comments about sound were that the use of just diegetic dialogue was effective, along with the white noise that match the on-screen static, they thought it was original.

3) The use of costume was mentioned, due to its effect, conveying authority, lighting was also mentioned as an emphatic benefit to our project. The use of a phone call added mystery and worked well, a did the variety of locations.

4) The use of quick cuts was mentioned to create the sense of urgency. The use of monochrome and colour correction to identify different people and actions was good.

5) The resounding criticism was the lack of title. But, it was also mentioned that it could of been more interesting

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Uploading Subject 16 to Youtube and Blogger.

First we had to convert our Final Cut sequence into a Quicktime movie, we did this by going to File > Export > Quicktime Conversion, we then had to change the settings - like changing it to MPEG-4 video, frame rate 15, quality medium, then click OK.  We then had to change the dimensions to 640 x 360.   We then had to change the the sound to AAC rate 48 kHz and set the quality to better we then had to make sure we clicked the box for internet streaming.  We then clicked OK, and saved our sequence.

We then could upload our sequence to YouTube.  This was simple because we signed into Jacks account and simply uploaded it.  Then we copied the embed code and pasted into our blog.


Evaluating The Editing Process x')

We have now completed the editing part of our project. We started by getting the clips we needed for our opening sequence and placing them within the correct order, we then added the white noise sound and clip to make the sequence more dramatic. We then added the transitions of fade ins and fade outs to make the sequence flow better, we took the amazing wisdom from Amar and colour corrected the scene involving the girl (Subject 16). We made a great soundtrack within garage band however we decided it would be better if we did not use it because it wasn't fitting for our genre of political thriller. 
At the beginning of our sequence we added credits to display our roles within the project, we added them during the white noise clips as this was most fitting for are project. 


Subject 16 - Our Thriller

Monday, 14 March 2011

Removal of our beautiful soundtrack

We had originally created a soundtrack in garage band to be included within our production however we decided the soundtrack would not be necessary in our opening sequence and so we decided not to use it.
It wasn't fitting to our genre of political thriller because creating a soundtrack in garage band and making it sound suitable for a thriller project is extremely difficult as the majority of sounds on garage band are too upbeat and unfitting to the genre.

We hope this inconvenience has not ruined your viewing pleasure of our production, thank you for reading xx

Thursday, 10 March 2011


We added credits during the lesson of the 10th of march 2011, the credits consisted of the names of all the beautiful people within our production group and what they worked on during this process.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post xx

The amaaaaaaaazing additions made to our production this mighty fine day by myself and mistress holly

During this lesson on the 10th March 2011, we added our production logo onto the front of our opening sequence. We also realized that the white noise sound was too loud to the rest of the production, so we reduced the noise sound a tiny bit but not so much that it looses its dramatic effect that is needed within our political thriller. After finishing this, we edited the colour layers to make the scene with the girl walking more iconic.

Thank you for reading xx