Thursday, 17 March 2011

Peer Feedback of Final Product.

1) The group liked our use of close ups which added a sense of intrigue to our production. Also the shots through the tree's concealing Subject 16's identity was liked.

2) Comments about sound were that the use of just diegetic dialogue was effective, along with the white noise that match the on-screen static, they thought it was original.

3) The use of costume was mentioned, due to its effect, conveying authority, lighting was also mentioned as an emphatic benefit to our project. The use of a phone call added mystery and worked well, a did the variety of locations.

4) The use of quick cuts was mentioned to create the sense of urgency. The use of monochrome and colour correction to identify different people and actions was good.

5) The resounding criticism was the lack of title. But, it was also mentioned that it could of been more interesting

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