Monday, 7 March 2011

Amar's usefull feedback on our editing within our opening sequence production.

Amar came over to our group and gave us useful feedback from our opening sequence which we will now mention.

  • Amar in his ultimate wisdom has decided that the characters within our opening sequence are difficult to perceive and that the relationship between the two characters is hard to establish. 

  • Amar believes that are production is lacking in titles during the white noise parts of our opening sequence.

  • Amar also mentioned that we could add more forest like scenes earlier on to set the scene right at the start instead of leading the viewing audience into misleading environment. 

  • Another feature Amar suggested we could add to our production is an intense sound towards the end of our sequence to add to the thriller theme. 

  • The last thing Amar said we should change in our production is that the colour in some scenes is very bland and could do with more drama, and so he suggests we alter the colours to make them more bold and add different layers to the colours. 

We owe many thanks to Amar for his wisdom. xx

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