Monday, 7 March 2011

Editing - What we have learned

The team have gained vast knowledge of particular editing areas which I will now discuss.

  • We learned to add fade ins/outs to our opening sequence.

  • We learned how to drag the clips of footage to the bar along the bottom therefore adding the selected clip to our sequence. 

  • Another thing we learned to do is add a soundtrack from garage band and convert it to final cut pro.

  • We learned to edit the colours within our sequence as Amar told us that this would be an improvement and so we took his advice and changed the colour pallet to make the colours more bold and have more layers.

  • Our production has taught us to use finalcut pro in detail, and we have also learnt how to mix audio with visual, along with a lot of other things in this programme. 

  • We also learned how imporant various things are in the production of this format of media. things such as continuity, getting sound accurate to the timing of the visual clips - things like that.

Thank you for reading xx

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