Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Analysis of sound in thriller

'Catch me if you can'

The sound during the opening sequence of 'catch me if you can' is quite upbeat and repetitive, the jazzy blues style doesn't fit the genre of a thriller which make it sound mysterious but not too ominous.
The sound in the opening sequence is non diagetic because there are no present characters to hear sound.
The visuals go well with the music because it music sounds like a chase sequence and the visuals portray a figure chasing another. The visuals also add to the mysterious feel of the soundtrack because the figures have no specific facial details and are just full black.
Therefore the soundtrack doesn't really fit the thriller genre because it is too upbeat and relaxed in both visual and sound and is not near the intensity you would normally find in a thriller film.


The sound in the opening sequence of 'Surface' is intense and eerie with a dark twist. The use of the diagetic sound of gasping, light breathing and yelping adds to the effect of the non-diagetic sound, this makes the sound track fit well into the genre and works well with the visuals involved in the opening sequence, you see a various parts of skin and facial expressions of a woman in a state of trauma and distress. The almost fuzzy sound and the unclear images suggest confusion and sets the mood. The use of white noise as a sound is used at various times in the opening sequence, this is used a lot in thriller/horror genres because of previous films use of the white noise leaving an impact on viewers and now audiences think of white noise as horrific and ominous.  Therefore the sound in the opening sequence conforms to the thriller genre.


The sound in 'Se7en' is very repetitive, intense and builds up tension.  The diegetic sound we hear is rattling and whispers - this conforms to the typical thriller genre. The added non-diagetic is a drum beat which dramatically increased, this makes the viewers more involved as it makes tension and something is expected to happen.  The almost constructive sound track with a mechanical sound effects gives the feeling that something is being planned or made, the visual clip fits this, you can see that a book of incident records is being made, within this includes dead people. This links to a typical thriller genre because of the relation to death.

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