Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Comparing Two Thriller Opening Sequences - Se7en & Panic Room

In Se7en and Panic Room, they both have spooky/creepy music at the beginning, however in Panic Room there is a change in music, which gives a dramatic effect on the viewer.  In Panic Room, the opening scene mainly focuses on buildings and skyscrapers (in America) whereas in Se7en the opening sequence is actually of a person doing something.  In Se7en there is lots of shadowing, and the lighting is very dark which makes us think that someone is planning a crime like a murder or something else.  In Panic Room because the opening scene is just different shot angles of buildings and skyscrapers it makes us think that there is going to be an extraordinary event in an ordinary place.  Both of the opening sequences are very different, but overall I prefer Se7en because there is more going on and this is what keeps me focused on the film, whereas in Panic Room the opening sequence looks boring and it doesn't intrigue me very much so I prefer Se7en.

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