Thursday, 6 January 2011

Preliminary Evaluation

    We learnt how to position the camera in a particular ways from this we learnt what shots were most effective. when editing we found that there was another way of cuttimg in and out so that we ould get the clips we wanted. This turned out to be easier and we could get the cuts more accurate.

   We found that finding the correct location to film our preliminary task was a little difficult, this was because we needed a corridor with doors but a corridor that was long enough to get our long shot that was wanted. Whilst trying to upload our film to youtube we had some difficulties the whole film uploading as the first couple of tries only a half the film went on, we resolved this by rendering the whole video again to ensure it was all smooth. After doing this we managed to upload the video first time with no problem.

Having given some of the conventions of thriller a thought, we decided to use an effective mise-en-scene that made our first character seem mysterious and dark with his hood up while his body was positioned in a way that the camera did not expose his face until the climax of the scene. Our camera angles were basic. Most angles used were long shots and close-ups, including over-shoulder shots for the conversation. these added mystery to our storyline. although we wanted to, we didn't use any non-digetic sound due to timr ristrictions. we included a conversation as this was part of what we were tasked to do. In the editing phase we only used one simple fade in/out transition to add a smooth transition into our main sequence. In the editing process we made sure we stuck to the 180 degree rule to add continuity.

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