Monday, 24 January 2011

Planning Our Thriller: Initial ideas..

Political Thriller; conventions of political thriller are that stylistically it is similar to regular thriller films, however, the narrative is based around the government and corruption. The narrative is usually based around the struggle for power or the threat of loss of power or lack of trust being established.

Our story will be based around an illegal, controversial government experiment that has gone wrong and a subject has accidentally been released after being under quarantine due to an unstable mental condition.

The first two minutes will involve a telephone conversation between two highly appointed government officials, discussing the experiment. The conversation will be vague, only dropping small hints to what they  are talking about. The camera shots will be from the rear of he actors so faces are disguised, retaining a sense of mystery and intrigue.
During the conversation the scene will switch occasionally to show the girl wandering through a forested area, head down in a hospital-style cloak. Ideally these parts will be in black and white. This will make the storyline fragmented, another convention of thriller.

Female hospital patient: with a mental issue that has developed from illegal testing.
Government Official 1: The higher of the two officials in the sequence, he will have a powerful strong voice
Government Official 2: This will be the official more involved with the experimental side of things. THis character will also be male.

Suggested Locations:
Office style rooms for the filming of the telephone conversation
Forested area in college for the escaped patient parts.

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